I appreciated Symplexity’s professional approach when consulting with our team. They worked well with all members of our team, quickly grasped pertinent business dynamics, and showed great insight in their recommendations.

Greg McCrory - Director of Information Technology
Deister Machine

They had the capability, definitely understood where it was we were going to go and were able to really listen to the problems that we were facing and seemed ready to really partner with us to get us to move forward rather than just doing exactly what it was that we were saying. They were able to get us even beyond what we were hoping for, they were a clear choice.

Chris Myers - Director of Shared Services
Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana

They have taken a lot of effort over the last couple of years to grow their business and the technologies they service and from my standpoint that’s great. That gives me one-stop shopping for all of the technology solutions I need.

Alex Kiefer - CEO
Lutheran Life Villages

We are in such a highly regulated environment and with all of the buzz about cybersecurity these days, security is on the forefront of our minds. Symplexity has the expertise we need to do the things we can’t do internally.

David Cunningham - CFO
Bippus State Bank

They provided to us a level of genuine service that is hard to find in our experience in the technology world. We have been able to build relationships with a couple of their technicians that just really provides us a level of comfort.

Joe Carlson - President & CEO
Community State Bank

They keep me informed at all times. I intend to stay with them for as long as I need programming support. I have no desire to go anywhere else.

Denny Howard - Owner

They took a complex problem and developed a model that was easy for management to understand the solution. This solution included a cost justification of why we could afford to spend the funds on the virtualization project and what the expected payback would be.

Kent Liechty - President & CEO
First Bank of Berne

Symplexity’s software solution is going to make our process a lot more efficient. It’s going to save a lot of time and I think the bottom line is that we’ll be better organized. We were doing a lot of our paperwork manually and it was very, very time consuming. We’re really excited about what Symplexity can do for us as far as making us more efficient and bringing us into the computer age.

Bob Myer - President
Honor Flight

Technology changes so fast anymore that it is hard to keep on top of everything. If we have any questions, we just call them. We rely on them to be our IT department. Everybody who comes in knows everything about our system. They know everything they need to service our system. Anybody that’s looking to use somebody, I would recommend them because of all the good support we get.

Terry & Patch Hines - CEO & Vice President
Custom Coatings

They’re a company of honesty and integrity. They worked very closely with us to work out a good financing plan that we could afford over a period of years and their aggressiveness has been outstanding to help us be number one in the industry.

Mark Deister - President
Deister Machine

They are like an insurance policy for me, I know that if I’m down, I’m going to have the best technical people in town to help me get up and going if that is what we need. And so, to me it is worth every penny that we spend to make sure that happens.

John Whitcraft - Owner
Precise Manufacturing

If they can login and take care of it, they will. They have offered to meet us on-site on the weekend and take care of the problems. They’re there 24/7 if we need to call them for help which other companies don’t offer that service.

Craig Trowbridge - Information Systems
Spectrum Engineering